Jobs Where I Can Work From Home

Nothing is impossible in this world, even what was once considered impossible, it turns out that now it can be done, one of which is working from home. Admittedly, since the transmission of the COVID-19 outbreak a few years ago, until the outbreak subsided, the pattern of working from home has become very well known and an option to be able to work. Similarly, today with the advancement of information technology, making all work can be done quickly and easily, and even a lot of work can be done from home. The question is 'Jobs where can I work from home?'.

With the advancement of information technology, all information can be obtained quickly and easily. Even to learn certain fields, everything can be done easily through applications and gadgets in your hands. The same thing with work, as long as you can connect to the internet, then you can connect with anyone and anywhere.


Not only that, with these various conveniences, you can work for various companies or clients in all states in the United States and even abroad, and also work with freelance systems in various places or with different clients. There are 3 discussions this time, namely:

  • Jobs Work From Home Amazon.
  • Jobs Work From Home Data Entry.
  • Jobs Work From Home Online

Jobs Work From Home Amazon

Who is not familiar with Amazon? Amazon is a technology company that allows its employees to work from home, even not only employees, you who want to work as freelancers, can also work at Amazon.

As one of the most powerful companies in the world, which can generate billions of dollars in annual sales with thousands of employees around the world, Amazon still provides opportunities for those of you who want to earn money from this technology giant.

There are two ways you can do to get money from Amazon, namely:

  1. Work at Amazon from home.
  2. Making money from Amazon is done from home, namely by:

    • Join the affiliate program.
    • Sell Products on Amazon.

How do I work at Amazon from home?

As one of the largest companies in the world, of course, Amazon has many ways to generate revenue, even Amazon also regularly offers remote jobs, which can be said by working online.

There are several things to consider when you apply for a job at Amazon, namely:

  1. Check the availability of new positions that are still open, by visiting the Amazon site, and going to a special page, namely AmazonJobs.
  2. After checking the page, you will find many open jobs that you can apply for, consisting of 3 main things, namely:

    • Description, which shows a detailed description of the duties and responsibilities of the position for which you are going to apply.
    • Basic qualifications, which list the basic skills that must be possessed.
    • Preferential ratings, list advanced skills that increase your chances of getting accepted.

How to make money from Amazon done from home?

As mentioned above, you don't have to work to be able to make money, but you can earn money from Amazon in different ways, namely:

  • Join the affiliate program.
  • Sell Products on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Program

This program has been widely followed by freelancers, and many earn money from this program, especially if you already have a website, blog, or social media that has many followers.

Selling Products on Amazon

In addition to being an affiliate on Amazon, you can make money by selling the products you have on Amazon. Of course, to be able to sell products on Amazon, you have to create a special account for sales.

Jobs Work From Home Data Entry

With the development of technology, of course, a lot of work can be done from home, and one of the easiest jobs to do and very popular is data entry. The main ability needed for this job is precision.

Taking information from The Balance Careers, the data entry profession includes many jobs ranging from electronic data processing, typing, word processing, and transcribing.

Indeed, its website also conveys the same thing, that data entry is a type of clerical work that involves using various processes such as typing and recording voice and then entering the data into a computer.

Usually, someone who acts as a data entry works in industries such as retail, transportation, finance, and healthcare.

However, according to Techopedia, most companies need data entry because they are considered to have basic tasks to carry out daily office functions.

From the information above, it can be concluded that data entry is a job to enter data obtained from various sources into the company's computer system.

The responsibilities of data entry jobs (Roberthalf and Glassdoor) are as follows.

  • • Prepare and sort documents before their data is entered into the computer.
  • • Enter data into a company-owned database.
  • • Check and ensure the accuracy of data that has been entered into the database.
  • • Resolving discrepancies in information and incomplete data.
  • • Create backup data that is part of the contingency plan.
  • • Respond to requests for information from authorized members.
  • • Test new database systems and updates of the software.
  • • Manage documents and notes well.
  • • Prepare relevant reports according to needs.
  • • Receive and process invoices for payments and update invoice details.
  • • Identify and correct errors when entering data using appropriate quality control methods.

Interested in "Jobs Work From Home Data Entry" jobs? Hope the information is useful.

Jobs Work From Home Online

In addition to some of the types of work mentioned above, it turns out that there are still many jobs that can be done online and can be done by working from home.

These jobs include:

1. Writer

This is the job that is most in demand. This job requires you to be able to create writing that will later be used either for online / print media, social media content or creative writing to be published on the company's website.

In this job, skills are needed in translating an idea from a client which is poured into the form of writing/articles that are interesting to read. The income of a writer varies, depending on the extent of your writing experience or how much your writing can be contained.

2. Graphic Designer

As many people create social media content, the greater the opportunity for a graphic designer to help business people market their products on the internet.

A graphic designer will play a role in making a logo, how to visually design the product, to how attractive packaging is for consumers.

3. UI/UX Designer

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designer are inseparable jobs. Both must be able to satisfy users of an application or website.

Usually, UI / UX designers are different people, UI is tasked with determining the appearance of an application or website, while UX is in charge of making applications that can be used easily.

4. Video Editor

This profession is tasked with selecting videos, cutting, and translating writing into a visual created by a writer. So that it becomes a video work that can be enjoyed by the audience.

Video editors can be done at home or anywhere, as long as you have a supported device.

5. Data Analyst

With the more advanced technology today, then every company needs a worker who can read and analyze data. A data analysis will later help the company in processing data which then converts it into information that will be useful in decision making.

The skills needed for this job are expertise in the fields of computer, javascript, SQL, and data mining, and required to know business.

That's a bit of information about 'Jobs where I can work from home'. Hopefully, information about work that can be done from home can be a reference for those of you who want to earn money by working from home.


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