What Is Freedom Debt Relief

Do you want to get debt relief? Of course, anyone who has felt heavy in paying debts will expect help so that the debts they have enjoyed can be paid off immediately, but what happens when the debt has accumulated and makes those who get it unable to pay? Of course, there are many, one way is to ask for help from third parties, one of which is Freedom Debt Relief. The question is "What Is Freedom Debt Relief?".

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As a country that must protect its citizens, the government in this case the United States is very helpful by trying to provide debt relief programs, this is also done by organizations, companies, or agencies that want to help anyone who is trapped in debt.

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

As a party who wants to get help so that the debt that has been squeezed can be reduced, knowing the company related to the debt relief program is very important, one of which is knowing what "Freedom Debt Relief" is.

Freedom Debt Relief was established in 2002 which was deliberately established to help consumers or debtors who are no longer able to fulfill their obligations after the recession. This program is offered by providing a debt settlement program if you are no longer able and cannot pay the debt.

Taking information from miamiherald.com, Freedom Debt Relief is a leading provider of debt resolution services in the US. Since its inception, the company has helped more than 1 million clients settle more than $18 billion in debt. A team of more than 2,000 trained professionals has also completed more than 4 million accounts.

They have a solid reputation – they boast ratings of 4.6 and 4.5 on Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs, respectively. It also holds an A+BBB rating and membership in the American Association for Debt Resolution, Financial Health Network, and IAPDA Certification.

Freedom Debt Relief can be a viable option if you are struggling to make your minimum monthly debt payments. The company works with individuals from all walks of life dealing with challenging financial situations resulting from layoffs, divorce, unemployment, medical emergencies, large unexpected expenses, or other financial emergencies.

How Does the Freedom Debt Relief Program Work?

The Freedom Debt Relief program is a debt settlement program designed to help you break the chain of debt bondage. Most clients achieve the desired results in just 24 to 48 months.

Here's a closer look at what to expect if you decide to move forward.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Enroll in the Debt Relief Program
  3. Build Your Account
  4. Negotiation and Settlement Process
  5. Gain Financial Freedom

1. Initial Consultation

During this free call, a team member will review your financial situation to determine if the Freedom Debt Relief Program is right for you or if there are more viable options. These can include debt consolidation loans, credit counseling, or, in more serious cases, bankruptcy.

2. Enroll in the Debt Relief Program

If the program is ideal, the next step is to complete the application process. Keep in mind that only unsecured debts (not backed by collateral) are eligible for registration. Car loans and home loans are not eligible for inclusion in this program. The same goes for federal student loans, although private student loans are sometimes allowed.

3. Build Your Account

Upon registration, you will make an assigned monthly deposit to a special FDIC-insured account through Crossroads Financial Technologies (CFT). These funds will be used in the future to cover your settlement offer according to the debt repayment plan.

4. Negotiation and Settlement Process

Once the balance in the dedicated account reaches the desired target, the Freedom Debt Relief team will begin negotiations with creditors on your behalf. The goal is to reach a settlement offer for less than what you owe on the unsecured debt listed in the plan. Keep in mind that customers who get results generally stop paying their creditors directly during the process, which could mean bad news for your credit health.

5. Gain Financial Freedom

Freedom Debt Relief sends payments to creditors from a special account with your permission whenever a settlement offer is reached. This means you'll be one step closer to financial freedom because you no longer owe money on this account.

Freedom Debt Relief Phone Number

To begin the process with Freedom Debt Relief, you can submit an inquiry online or call their toll-free number at 800-910-0065 to connect with a Certified Debt Consultant.

That's a little information about "What Is Freedom Debt Relief?". Hopefully, the information is useful and a reference for those of you who want to immediately settle debts.


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