Best Online Business To Start With No Money

The business world is growing, especially since the increasingly sophisticated technology and the easier it is to get information. This also makes businesses not only focus on offline business, since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and the subsidence of this outbreak, making a new lifestyle with the increasing recognition of the online business world. Of course, this makes everything different, you who want to start a business, can start it anytime, not only that, now you can try various best online businesses to start with no money. Of course, this is an interesting thing for those of you who want to start a business.


The existence of an online business is a powerful marketing and communication tool, a platform that is very efficient in terms of price, with an environmentally friendly way of working, and a symbol of professionalism that is much needed today.

What Is An Online Business?

There are many definitions of online business. Online business is a business that is now in great demand by many people. Not only does it offer big profits, but businesses that take advantage of digitalization are quite easy to run.

As the name suggests, an online business is a business that is run over the Internet. That is, business activities such as buying and selling, service to consumers, marketing, and so on are carried out online.

Interestingly, you can sell various types of products through online business ideas. Starting from goods, and services, to digital products. There is no limit to where potential consumers of products are for this.

You can also manage the business from home, or wherever you want.  You don't need to spend a lot of capital on how to start an online business. Several online businesses without capital can be done and proven to make money.

Best Online Business To Start With 10k

Starting an online business can be done at any time. Don't worry! Because, now there are various online business opportunities without capital that can be pioneered easily, quickly, and promisingly.

Several online businesses can be started with 10K capital or even without capital, including:

1. Doing Dropshipping

This is the first online business opportunity that you can try. Dropshipping is a form of online business where you sell other people's products.

Income from a dropshipping business comes from the price difference, from what is paid by the buyer, to what you pay for suppliers.

Unlike resellers, you don't need to store items before selling them again. So, no need to bother making your warehouse.

You simply work with suppliers, and then market their products. It can be through websites, social media, and others.

When a buyer wants an item, you receive money from the buyer. Then, you pay the money to the supplier according to the price of the goods and ask the supplier to directly send the goods to the buyer.

2. Join an Affiliate

An affiliate is an online business without capital by selling other parties' products.

The difference is, that your income through this online business opportunity comes from commissions on the sale of goods. The amount of your commission percentage as agreed with the seller, can be 20% or 50%.

An affiliate is usually a program that requires you to sign up. After joining, you will get a coupon code or banner. Simply put the banner on your website or blog, or spread your coupons through social media.

Every time a consumer buys a product using the coupon, it will be counted as points that become your commission.

3. Opening an Online Store

Opening an online store with delivery services is a promising online business opportunity. Especially, with consumer market share in big cities.

One example of an online store that you can run is an online vegetable store.

Creating an online store website is not difficult. Simply start by buying hosting and domain, then choose an online store website platform. Next, you can start installing a variety of products sold in an attractive storefront display.

Don't forget to use business strategies that attract buyers. Promotion of your online store can be done through social media. You can also build a blog that connects with your online store. The goal is to attract more buyers to come.

This online business opportunity requires a small investment but promises profitable results.

4. Open a Website Development Service

If you are good at coding, opening a website creation service can be a promising online business. The reason is, that many people begin to understand the importance of a website but have not been able to create their website.

The first step in this business, build a unique website as a medium of promotion and your online identity. Don't forget, to build a strong branding of your expertise.

In addition, you need to be more observant in choosing a target market and adjusting the service rates charged. You can do this online business without capital.

5. Selling Ebooks

One more of the latest online business opportunities that can be done with your writing skills. Selling ebooks is an up-and-coming business.

This happens thanks to technological developments that make it easier for digital books to be accessed anywhere with various devices. Not only that, there are currently many digital bookstores that serve ebook sales. So, consumers can buy books quickly and easily.

To pursue this business, make sure you can create an attractive digital book. Not only from the content but also from the design and appearance.

The sale of ebooks that you generate can be done in two ways. First, sell it through digital bookstores.

Second, sell it independently by creating a business website or through your social media accounts.

6. Selling Website Templates

In addition to opening a website creation service business, you can use your coding skills to build another online business. That is, selling website themes.

As you know, currently the most popular platforms for blogs/websites are WordPress and Blogger. Unfortunately, the default theme given is sometimes not as needed, especially for business websites. This can be a promising online business opportunity.

7. Selling Handicraft

Other than hand lettering, handicraft is a more common type of handicraft. It can be pop-up paper, scrapbook, flower bucket, bamboo tissue box, etc.

Although it is handmade, you can sell it at a high price. Because your unique selling point (USP) lies in the uniqueness of the product. Such as the impression of exclusivity, originality, and difficult to imitate.

That is why many people are willing to spend money to get the handicraft they want. Moreover, if they can custom design.

If you are interested in this online business opportunity, you should do product research first to find out what the community needs and has unique values. For example, knitting bags that can be used as slings and backpacks.

8. Virtual Assistant

With so many businesses operating online, it's no surprise that virtual assistants are needed to help them stay organized in completing administrative tasks without needing to spend large amounts of capital.

The duties of a virtual assistant include writing, replying to emails, creating, and distributing documents related to business, responding to media and business inquiries, writing and creating content, and much more.

9. Photographer

Photographer is a business that will be timeless, including in the future.

The type of photography business in the future is not only for the needs of certain events but also varied.

You can offer your services for product photography online stores, or you can offer for advertising needs, and also photos for food businesses.

10. Graphic Design Services

Are you proficient in graphic design? Take advantage of this to achieve a profitable income.

Currently, many companies need graphic design services to create posters, content images, advertisements, and others.

You can do this online business idea without capital by joining freelancer sites and graphic design communities on social media.

You can set the price yourself according to the level of difficulty of making a design. You can also research pricing rates on the internet or ask about them in the graphic design community.

That's a little information about the "best online business to start with no money". Hope the information is useful for you.


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