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This discussion is a little interesting, of course, it will be curious for those of you who want to work from home but want to work with a focus on accounting. It can be admitted that until now the field of accounting is still the most sought-after field of work, even when choosing a major in college, the accounting department is still one of the most popular majors. Seeing these conditions, there is an interesting question whether there is a "Work From Home Accounting Jobs"?


It is undeniable, that a career in accounting itself promises a promising income. Not only that but his career improvement is guaranteed. According to statistics from the American Bureau of Labor, the average income of an accountant can reach up to $ 65,940 per year. This number can vary greatly, depending on location, field, working hours, work experience, and various other factors.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor also reports that 10% of accountants earn nearly $116,000 annually. Accountants have longer working hours than other professions but are directly proportional to the higher pay.

Is There Any Accounting Work Done From Home, Other Than Work From Home Entry Level Accounting Jobs?

What exactly is an accountant? An accountant is a financial professional who performs various accounting tasks such as handling their clients' books and managing their financial documents. While some work for accounting firms or internal departments, others may have their practices.

The question now is:

Is there any accounting work done from home, other than work-from-home entry-level accounting jobs?"

In reality, not all work related to one's profession must be done in the office. An office job or profession can also be done at home, provided we have special abilities or skills in a particular field.

In addition, we must also like the work and not feel burdened if we do it. In order not to be burdened with the work that we will do from home, it would be nice if the work is related to skills, hobbies, or hobbies.

Speaking of questions that ask about accounting work done at home, then back to the definition of work from home.

Work from home is a situation where work is done remotely between workers and employers.

Various jobs must be allowed to be done remotely and other types of work cannot be done. One of them is an accountant.

Answering the question above, some are allowed and others are not allowed because accounting data is very confidential and difficult to access mobile.

But is that true?

Basically, amid today's technological developments, the accounting profession can be done remotely with records, the company has tools that can store data in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere.

Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the trend of accountant work tends to be remote.

4 accounting jobs can be done from home, in addition to Entry Level Accounting Jobs. These include:

  1. Bookkeeper
  2. Work From Home Accountant
  3. Auditor
  4. Public Accountant

1. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper can do his work remotely. The main task of a bookkeeper is to make financial statements based on all financial transactions both debts, receivables, and trade transactions that occur in a certain period. In addition, bookkeepers must also manage employee payroll.

The task of a bookkeeper can be done remotely if all financial units already use accounting software that is connected to various financial elements.

For example, reporting purchases that already use purchase invoices or accounts receivable reports electronically.

2. Work From Home Accountant

A work-from-home accountant can still do work in general.

Almost the same, as a bookkeeper, an accountant is tasked with making non-transactional financial statements such as budgets, profit and loss, and also cash flow.

An accountant is also tasked with reporting financial statements to stakeholders to decide the direction of organizational or company policies. An accountant must also maximize communication with all parties.

An accountant can use ZOHO to communicate with clients, and accounting software to access accounting data.

3. Auditor

The work of auditors can also be done remotely. The main task of an auditor is to review, correct, and straighten financial statements both transactional and non-transactional that occur in an organization or company.

The key to an auditor is data and communication. If your company is big data-oriented, of course, an auditor can work easily using only a laptop and coffee at home.

4. Public Accountant

Public accountants working from home is very possible.

A public accountant or CPA (Certified public accountant) is tasked with making and reviewing financial statements and also the company's annual tax return.

However, a CPA can also do his work from home.

All types of accountants can work remotely as long as the company already has accounting facilities and tools that support employees to work at home. Hopefully a little information about "Work From Home Accounting Jobs" is useful and can be a reference for you.


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