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Separating business accounts from personal accounts is an important thing for business owners to do. Including small businesses though. It aims to gain transparency over the funds that rotate in the business. But what if busyness hits that makes you and other business people unable to come to the bank office? Of course, nowadays it is easy because many banks provide open business bank accounts online.


This is convenience in the era of information technology advances in the digital world, everything is done anywhere, anytime, and anywhere.

Open Up Business Bank Account Online

A Business Account is another form of bank account specifically intended to serve the needs of customers in the business entity category. In contrast to personal accounts, corporate accounts offer higher interest rates, as well as more complex service models. The requirements set for obtaining a company account are certainly different from personal accounts.

In addition, the features in it can also help business actors in managing their finances.

By looking at the needs of the business account, of course, there are many questions, how to open a business bank account online?

Taking information written by Oluwaseun Kolade (, that opening a business bank account is an important step for any entrepreneur who wants to establish a presence in the United States. Traditionally, this process requires visiting physical branches and completing a lot of paperwork, causing inconvenience to those who are remote. However, thanks to advances in technology and the evolution of banking services, it is now possible to open a business bank account in the US remotely.  

The exact requirements for opening a remote business bank account in the U.S. may vary depending on your bank and the nature of your business. However, here are some general standard requirements:

  • Business Documentation

There is an important document required to open a business account online, namely an Employer Identification (EIN), which is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and serves as a unique identifier for your business. You must provide your EIN during the account opening process.

  • Personal Identification

To begin the process of opening a business bank account online, you will need to complete personal identification documents to verify your identity. Generally, a valid passport, driver's license, or country ID will serve as an adequate form of identification. In addition, certain banks may require additional documentation, such as utility bills or rental agreements, to establish proof of residence and confirm your physical address.

  • Business Address

You must have a registered business address in the US. This address can be your physical office location if you have one, or it can be a virtual office address if you operate remotely. It is important to have a physical presence in the country to comply with banking regulations and to receive important letters and communications from banks.

  • Business Information

When opening a business bank account remotely, you will be asked to provide detailed information about your business. This includes the legal name of your business, its entity type (such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation), the industry or nature of your business, the anticipated monthly transaction volume, and the average account balance you expect to maintain. This information helps banks understand your business and tailor their services to your specific needs.

  • Business Tax ID

An important requirement for remotely opening a business bank account in the US is to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An EIN serves as a unique identifier for your business and is used for tax purposes. It is important to provide your EIN during the account opening process to comply with banking and regulatory requirements.

  • Financial Statements

Some banks may ask for financial statements as part of the account opening process, especially if your business has been operating for some time. Financial statements provide an overview of the health and financial stability of your business. Common financial statements include balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. These documents help the bank assess your business's ability to manage finances and repay loans if necessary.

  • Business License and Business License

Depending on your industry and location, you may need to provide copies of licenses, permits, or registrations required for your business operations. This is particularly relevant for regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, or food services. Providing these documents demonstrates your compliance with industry regulations and increases the bank's confidence in your business.

  • Bank Special Requirements

Each bank may have additional requirements and documentation specific to its policies and procedures. It is very important to research the website of the chosen bank or contact their customer service to gather detailed information about their remote account opening process. Some banks may require additional forms or disclosures, proof of business insurance, references from other financial institutions, or even a business plan.

Can I Open A Business Bank Account Online?

Of course, you can open a business bank account online, after preparing the required documents.

The steps to open a business bank account online are as follows:

  • Research and select a bank.
  • Gather the required documentation.
  • Initiate the application process.
  • Submit documentation.
  • Verification and compliance.
  • Account approval.
  • Deposit funds.
  • Access and manage your account.

Business Account Benefits

There are benefits to opening a business restaurant, including:

  • Expenses become easier to track

One of the most important benefits of a business account is that it makes expenses easier to track. When corporate accounts are separated from personal accounts, you can easily identify various business-related expenses.

In addition, you will also find it easier to save time because financial records and business tax information will be easier to process. Any administrative expense from a bank can also be categorized as a business expense.

  • Improve professionalism

Opening a special account for a company also shows that you are a serious professional in managing business finances. In addition, transacting through a company account gives clients confidence in the business you are in. Increase business credibility through the best business account option!

  • Faster and clearer audit process

Another benefit of business accounts is to assist in the audit process. Unlike if the account is lumped together with a personal account, you will have difficulty separating the necessary business financial information.

It also increases the risk of difficulty in conducting tax audits. However, if the accounts are separated, then time can be saved during the financial auditing process.

Auditors also don't need to investigate personal finances because they simply review your business accounts.

  • Building a credit score

Along with business growth, of course, business operations will increase. Your chances of needing a business credit card, line of credit, or business loan also increase.

The benefits of a stable business account can also increase the chances of getting business credit approval when the time comes, so credit approval doesn't always depend on personal credit ratings alone.

In the case of applying for a business loan, it is necessary to create a business bank account regardless of the type of business. A company is never too small to have a business banking account because there are many benefits of this account.

All processes related to recording, bookkeeping, tax filing, and applying for business credit can be processed as simply as possible.

  • As a legal requirement

New companies are legally required to have a new bank account established in their company name.

Without a business account, companies won't be able to accept money from third parties and customers, as they won't be able to issue checks or send payments to your new business.

  • Help with identity protection

Registering your business as a corporation provides legal protection. However, if you don't separate your financial accounts from your business, your assets are at risk.

If the business has to endure lawsuits and personal finances are mixed with your business finances, this can have a direct impact on the personal assets owned. A business bank account can also help keep your identity safe.

Corporate accounts will also help reduce vulnerability to cybercrime targeting your business. This is certainly very important if your business conducts many transactions that are at high risk of fraud.

  • Help automate bookkeeping

Accounting software can help manage bill payments, accounting, budgeting, and invoicing, making managing business finances much simpler.

With a business bank account, you can sync your company's account with accounting software so you can check the health of your business, assess cash flow and revenue, and monitor monthly expenses.

That's a bit of information about "open business bank accounts online". Hopefully, the information is useful for those of you who will open a business account online.


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