Top 10 New Business Ideas Predictions in 2024

A few days have passed the years, the year 2023 will soon be left with its memories, history, and ups and downs. So many things have been done and attempted, especially in the business world. For those of you who still want to start a business or want to develop a business, don't be discouraged, because all things can be done. Don't worry and don't be confused about finding business ideas, because with the top 10 new business ideas predictions in 2024, you can find a business that suits you.


With the development of technology and the easier information is obtained, there should be no reason not to be able to find the best business ideas. Various opportunities can be obtained, even from home and also seeing what the neighbors around the house need, opportunities can be obtained.

Many business ideas can be tried in 2024, or continue unrealized business ideas in 2023, but have the opportunity to generate revenue in 2024.

The Importance of Business Ideas in the 10 Best Business Ideas 

What is a business idea? In simple terms, a business idea refers to a concept that is taken by an individual and developed into a venture. In the era of technology like today, the concept of business ideas can be found easily.

A creative business idea is very important for those of you who want to start and also develop a business that is already running. By having a creative business idea, the selling value of the product or service offered will compete with competitors in the market.

The development of the business world demands innovative ideas that can make the business look different from competitors. Therefore, in 2024, you must have high creativity in creating a unique business and attracting customer attention.

Running a business is not only about promoting products and managing finances but also about developing creative and innovative business ideas. Along with technological developments and changes in market trends, entrepreneurs must be able to produce business ideas that can adjust to customer needs and desires.

There are 10 top business ideas for 2024 predictions, including:

  1. Ghost kitchen.
  2. Laying hen rental business
  3. Organic baby food business
  4. Food truck business
  5. Chicken diaper business
  6. Store business without staff
  7. Niche-specific E-Commerce
  8. Recycled products
  9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions
  10. Online publisher

Predictions Top 10 Business Ideas for 2024

2023 is just a matter of days, if you have the desire to start a business in 2024, you must immediately start determining what business you will run. Starting a business should not be careless, let alone just following others.

You have to make sure several things including what business potential is in demand and needed in 2024. Plus, the longer it takes, the more competition, and the more businesses that innovate with new ideas, so you have to do research in advance about what are the business potential in the coming year.

There are several predictions for the top 10 business ideas for 2024, including:

1. Ghost Kitchen

Like any restaurant innovation, the ghost kitchen trend is growing rapidly and growing rapidly. A ghost kitchen, also known as a dark kitchen, virtual kitchen, shadow kitchen, or commissary kitchen, is a food preparation facility that prepares food for order delivery.

You can think of a ghost kitchen as a restaurant with no on-site dining area or commercial kitchen optimized to fulfill delivery orders.

By building a ghost kitchen, there are many benefits that you can get, including:

  • Save money, of course, it will make you a lot of money
  • No need for a premium location
  • Freedom to adapt and develop
  • Simple logistics

What about the future of ghost kitchens? Ghost kitchens do offer many advantages, but can they survive? According to a new Rockville Research report, the global food delivery market is "estimated to be worth US$254 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.9% in the period 2021 to 2028". Taking into account that delivery is expected to continue to grow faster than dine-in, ghost kitchens remain the right choice for restaurateurs to future-proof their business.

As long as ghost kitchens provide a lower-cost alternative to operating a traditional restaurant, there will be room in the market for ghost kitchens.

2. Laying Chicken Rental Business

The idea of renting out chickens as a business is booming in the United States. This business idea emerged as a result of the increasing price of chicken eggs in the United States market. To save expenses and be able to still meet the need for chicken eggs, chicken rental services can be an option to get fresh eggs every day.

The chicken rental business in the United States aims not only to get fresh eggs but also as a medium for learning to raise chickens, especially for people who live in urban areas.

By renting chickens, they not only got facilities for raising chickens from cages to feed but also taught how to care for chickens and clean their cages.

Not only that, but renting chickens also gets a replacement guarantee if the rented chicken dies as long as it is not due to negligence, such as illness, loss, or prey on other animals. This is certainly not obtained when they buy chickens. In addition, the cost of renting chickens also tends to be cheaper than buying chickens.

3. Organic Baby Food Business

Currently, the organic baby food business is increasingly booming in the United States along with the increasing awareness of parents on the importance of providing nutritious and chemical-free food to their babies.

Parents are increasingly aware that exposure to pesticides, hormones, and genetically modified organisms in non-organic baby food poses a risk to infant health in both the short and long term.

No wonder the level of demand for organic baby food is getting higher, giving rise to the idea of the organic baby food business as a profitable opportunity that can be run as a home business.

Not only for health reasons, this business also encourages sustainability practices because of environmentally friendly products. According to Market Research Future, this business trend experiences significant growth every year in the United States.

4. Food Truck Business

The food truck business is nothing new in the United States. Although it has been running for a long time, it still exists and is still booming. The types of food sold also vary, ranging from ice cream, burgers, BBQ, beef steak, processed lobster, and others.

This business is growing in America because it is considered more efficient in terms of maintenance costs compared to restaurants. In addition, it is also more flexible because it can move around according to market tastes.  

5. Chicken Diaper Business

For some people, chickens are seen as cute animals. No wonder children like to hold small chickens and invite them to play, even to the point of being brought into the house. Of course, this makes chicken manure scattered everywhere.

The above story is the experience of Baker, who later had the idea to make chicken diapers.

Initially, Baker made chicken diapers to accommodate his chicken droppings that were often brought into the house by his son. Unexpectedly, his friends in the poultry-loving community were interested and asked for the same diaper to be made.

6. Store Business Without Staff

Technology-based business trends in the United States have experienced significant development. One of them that stands out is a store without staff. This business provides a one-stop shop that operates with the support of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, so it does not require human staff.

This retail business innovation was initially developed in China, and only later adopted by Amazon as one of the largest retail stores in the United States. All transactions that occur in stores without staff are connected to consumers' smartphones. Every movement of consumers when entering the store to the collection of products to the shopping cart is recorded by the camera, to ensure the security of transactions.

Store business without staff is considered more efficient because business owners do not have to deal with costs related to employees, ranging from salaries to benefits. That way, operational costs can be further reduced.

7. Niche-Specific E-Commerce

A promising venture in the e-commerce sector is an online store that focuses on a specific niche. With a specific target market, this business makes it easier to reach potential customers.

In this case, a unique personal and service approach can be key to winning the market. By understanding customer needs and preferences, business owners can provide the right products and increase customer loyalty.

8. Recycled Products

Garbage has become a serious environmental problem. However, from a problem that looks bleak, there is a promising business potential, namely the recycling business. Beverage cans, various types of plastics, and the rest of clothing production that are often thrown into landfills, can still be reused as raw materials for making handicrafts or other products that have high selling value.

You can start this business idea by collecting recycled materials and selling them or using them yourself in handicrafts. In addition to helping the environment, it can also make this business a promising source of income.

In addition to running a business, it can also increase people's awareness of the importance of a recycled lifestyle. Setting an example for others, not only makes a profit from the business idea you run but also has a positive impact on the environment.

9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Artificial intelligence or AI has played a role in transforming various industries. Starting from retail services, and health, to finance.

If you have skills in informatics and computerization, you can create a business that offers AI solutions, such as chatbots, predictive analytics, or automation tools. Such services allow you to help companies by harnessing the power of AI and optimizing their performance.

10. Online Publisher

The growth of global internet use makes people also thirsty for digital content. Therefore, becoming an online publisher can be a lucrative business opportunity.

In addition, many bloggers also hire writers for other people, editors, and social media experts to scale their business.

That's a little information about the "top 10 new business ideas predictions in 2024". Hopefully, this information is useful and a reference for those of you who want to start doing business in 2024.


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