How To Start Online Business With No Money

Everyone wants changes in their lives, whether changes and improvements in terms of career, income, business, or other things. For those of you who want to change your life by doing business, but there are obstacles that there is no capital, this can be overcome, because there is a solution to overcome it, namely by doing business online. The question is "How To Start Online Business With No Money?".

Business capital to the place of business is an obstacle that someone often encounters when they want to start a business, but some ways can be done as a solution that allows you to start a business.


Admittedly, there are many ways to do business and can even achieve financial freedom, one of which is by opening an online shop business from home. However, there are several ways to start an online business that must be understood first so that your business can run smoothly.

How Can I Start An Online Business With No Money

There are several ways to be able to start an online business without large capital that you need to know to be able to reap profits.

How to start an online business from scratch, reported from various sources, including:

  • Find out what the market is currently needing. How to start an online business on this one is the main thing. This is done to win the market. Products or services needed by the community make the business grow. Because the market feels helped by your business.  
  • Choose products to be sold online. Before determining the product sold, it's a good idea to first balance the choice with various opportunities and risks.  
  • Run market research. Market research is conducted to objectively determine market demand or data. Thus, the information can be taken into consideration in making decisions. The first thing that can be done is to start market research by looking for products or services that are trending in the community through social media.  
  • Determine the target consumer.  Analysis and calculation of what type of market is suitable for the product you make can be done by considering aspects of gender, economic level, region, age, place of residence, and others.  
  • Apply competitor research. It is necessary to study the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • Choose a business model. If you want to start an online shop business but don't have the money to stock goods, you can start a dropshipping or reselling model business.  
  • Do promotions.  Many methods of promotion in business can be done for paid or free. Starting from organic strategies, and SEO to social media ads. 
  • Conduct regular evaluations.  Doing business must have its ups and downs. You still have to make improvements and improve business quality so that business continues to be stable.  

After knowing how to start an online business from scratch, you must have the question "How to start an online business without capital?"

There are several ways to start an online business without capital, including:

  • Decide on the platform where you sell. Platforms for selling such as social media and e-commerce are currently available a lot to start an online business. Even so, it is important to adjust the type of product to the place of sale to maximize the number of sales.  
  • Looking for a trusted supplier or distributor. Some suppliers implement a dropship system. That is, you need to receive the order and then convey it to the supplier. Then, they take care of all the packaging and shipping needs of the goods to the buyer. 
  • Set the theme and design of the online shop. This can be a hallmark of your store and increase brand awareness for visitors. In addition, potential buyers also get pleasant visuals when visiting your store page.  
  • Add products on the store page. Not just uploading product photos, but there are other aspects that you must know so that the items sold look more attractive.  
  • Pricing strategy. The last way to start an online business without capital is to set a price. In setting a suitable price for the product you sell, there are several considerations. For example, the target market or customer characteristics of your store. You can also compare with prices in competitor stores for the same type of product.

How Do I Start An Online Business With No Money

After knowing what to do, several online businesses can be done without capital, including:

1. Dropshipping Business

This business system is fairly easy for you to do, moreover, you don't need to spend capital, because you only need to sell other people's products.

The difference with resellers, dropshippers do not require you to buy certain items and store them in your warehouse. You can simply work with suppliers and market their products through social media and marketplaces.

Dropshipping is a type of business where you can sell goods on your behalf but the goods are sent by other parties (suppliers).

From this online business venture without capital, you can benefit from the price that you set yourself. Of course, the price you set should be higher than the original price.

Nowadays, you will also be facilitated by the abundance of e-commerce. Just market your products on all social media and e-commerce, and then customers will come to you.

In addition, you also don't need to think about inventory because the stock is held by the supplier.

That way, you also save warehouse costs, rent, control, and so on. So do not be surprised if this type of online business is in great demand.

Just do the following:

  • Find items to sell.
  • Create an account on the sales site.
  • Create social media accounts.
  • Promote the products you sell.

2. Open an online store in the marketplace

Marketplace is the answer for all sellers who want to sell their products online. You can create an online store free of charge or free on the marketplace. Next, you just need to enter product photos and add attractive descriptions to your store.

The delivery service can also be arranged according to convenience. You can choose a shipping service that can deliver goods in a matter of hours or a safe package out of town though. That way, your product can be reached by more potential buyers.

However, keep in mind, that in opening an online store in the marketplace, pay close attention to the words you use. Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so that people can more easily find your store. Because you will face many competitors in the marketplace.

3. Become a blogger

The next online business idea without capital is to become a blogger. Who would have thought that regularly writing something on a blog could generate money? You can pour interesting ideas to give a review of a product to attract readers.

The more visitors who read your writing on the blog, the higher the income that can be obtained. Where does the income come from? Of course, from Adsense.

4. Graphic Designer

This business is for beginners you might be able to do it if you think you can do graphic design. In addition to the price rate that is quite expensive per design, you can do this work online and from home.

The amount of interest someone has to beautify their website or online shop requires the services of graphic designers to design their website or online shop account on Instagram.

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you can market products persuasively, affiliate marketing is an online business without capital that you can make the right choice. You will promote other people's products through affiliate links created just for you.

When there is a purchase transaction made through the link, you will get a commission. Without capital, you can start marketing products by utilizing blogs, social media, or email marketing.

That's a little information about "How To Start Online Business With No Money". Hopefully, the information is useful and a reference for you do not hesitate to start doing business


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