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Are you a businessman who needs financial transactions in business operations? It is undeniable that in a world that is increasingly developing and changing rapidly, financial transactions require fast means so that business processes can be carried out quickly. One of the things that must be done is to have an account in the bank, you can save the proceeds of sales, also for business turnover transactions. A business account is one option for you, but what if you are very busy? The question is, can you "open business checking account online"?


Indeed, there is a difference between an individual and a business entity or an individual who has a business in opening a bank account. Usually, private people prefer to save money in the bank in the form of savings, but the striking difference is seen in business entities or individuals who have businesses who of course prefer to save money by opening a checking account or business account.

A current account is one of the bank deposit products, either in the form of deposits from individuals or from business entities which in withdrawal can be made at any time.

Why Do Banks Provide Online Business Account Openings?

With the development of the digital world and competitive factors, this makes banks around the world, especially in the United States also provide convenience in opening financial transaction services, one of which is providing online account opening kites.

Even today, banks are aware that more than 90% of customer transactions are carried out digitally. The online account opening feature is one of the bank's strategies to be able to increase the current account savings account.

Why do many banks provide online account opening features? This is deliberately done to compensate for the increasing number of customers. With the increasing number of customers, banks should open new branch offices, of course, this requires greater costs when compared to making an account opening feature online. This has not been calculated by the estimated salary costs at the bank branch.

This is also done to keep pace with the increasing number of new entrepreneurs who are starting to open their businesses, and for that, providing convenience in opening a checking account is one way for these new entrepreneurs to want to put their money into the bank.

Online account opening service is a service provided by a bank that allows prospective customers to open a bank account through a digital platform, such as through a website or from a banking application.

In this way, prospective customers can submit an account opening application online by filling out a digital form, uploading the required documents, and also verifying their identity online.

Open a Business Checking Account Online

As an entrepreneur, of course, you need convenience in many ways, as well as when opening a checking account or business account to make financial transactions. They don't want to have to wait in long queues, which of course wastes their time.

Currently, more and more banks are offering online account opening services, this turns out to provide convenience not only to customers but also to provide benefits to the bank itself.

There is an interesting thing, why many banks provide convenience for these customers online, this is because most customers do banking transactions digitally outside bank branch offices.

Of course, this makes the bank increasingly focus on developing services for customers online and also trying to provide the best service and experience for its customers, one of which is by providing online account opening offers, especially on business checking accounts needed by novice entrepreneurs.

The provision of online account opening services is the current banking strategy for carrying out digital transformation. This transformation process involves the use of information and communication technology so that banks can change the way they work to be more efficient, easy, and fast.

How To Open A Business Checking Account Online

As a novice entrepreneur or those of you who have been in the business field for a long time, of course, you need a special account that is used for your business transactions.

Current accounts or business accounts are an option for those of you who want to make transactions for your business needs, you can make deposits, and transfers and make bookkeeping online and in real-time.

With this checking account, you can conduct your active business transactions smoothly or transactions in large volumes and nominals. Also, the funds held in the business account can be withdrawn at any time using a check, or other payment order document approved by the bank.

The ease of doing business is also supported by the ease of opening a current account or business account that can be opened online, opening a business bank account online seems very easy, but the fact is that all of it is not easy to do.

There are many questions related to opening a bank account for an online business in the United States because it all depends on the type of business owned, the location of the business, and also qualification to open an online business account in the United States.

Taking information from, there are ways to open an online business account in the United States, including:

1. Choose the best account option for your business.

At this stage, the first step is to decide what type of business account you are going to open.

Of course, there are many different account options on offer, from simple low-cost accounts to higher-cost high-cost accounts.

In this case, you have to decide, about the needs of your business, now, in the medium to long term in the future.

2. Provide information about yourself and the business you manage.

This is an important thing when opening a business bank account online, you must provide certain documents related to you and your business.

Of course, the requirements for this document vary greatly according to the bank you are going to, the state, and the type of business you are currently running.

The main thing, all you have to convey is your name, postal address, and date of birth.

Business-related information, usually ranges from licenses and filing documents to proof of verification of your business trade name (certificate "Doing Business As").

3. Submit your application and wait for your intended bank to contact you.

At this stage, the process of setting up a business bank account online takes a few minutes, and this depends on the requirements. However, what you should be aware of is that waiting for verification of your account can take longer.

Usually in the United States, the time for business account verification takes between a few business days to a maximum of four weeks.

Banks that Provide Online Account Opening

After knowing how to open a bank account for your business online, below are presented banks or financial institutions that can open a business account online (, including:

  • Axos Bank
  • Chase Business Complete BankingSM
  • Novo
  • NorthOne
  • LendingClub Banking
  • NBKC
  • Mercury
  • BlueVine
  • BankProv
  • Brex Cash

That's a bit of information about "open business checking account online". Hopefully, this information is useful and becomes a reference for you.


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