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There may be many questions in your mind why should you open your business account or open a separate business account with a personal account? This is important and must be understood, even though you currently assume that your business is still small, then know and rest assured that not always your business remains a small business, surely one day the business you manage will become increasingly growing and require business capital, this is where you feel the importance of separating personal accounts from business accounts. Don't worry, nowadays it is very easy to open a business account, even now there is a free online business checking account.


When running a business, one of the most important elements that must be considered is having your business account commonly called a business account.

A business account is a special type of account intended for companies or individual business actors who generally provide more competitive interest rates compared to other types of savings.

Open A Free Business Checking Account Online With No Deposit

With the increasing competition in the banking business, of course, banks are currently trying to make it easier for prospective customers to be able to open accounts, especially business accounts at the bank.

For you business people, the ease of opening a business checking account, of course, will make it easier to manage financial transactions, especially with the convenience provided by the bank in opening the account online, without registration fees and without deposits in the account you have opened.

What is a "business checking account"?

A business checking account is one of the banking products that provides convenience for customers in conducting financial transactions. This account is usually used by companies or individuals with high financial transactions.

These business accounts are intended for companies or organizations with stricter requirements compared to personal checking accounts. Business owners can use this account to manage the company's cash flow, receive and make payments from customers or distributors, and make payments to suppliers.

Taking information from written by Jasmin Suknanan, there are two important things to consider when opening a business checking account monthly maintenance fees and minimum deposit requirements. Many banks charge a monthly maintenance fee, or service, just for having an account. Meanwhile, some banks require an initial deposit in the thousands to open an account. However, not all banks have this requirement.

Here is some information related to the best free business checking accounts (

  • Best for high-yield: Bluevine Business Checking
  • Best for debit card rewards: Grasshopper Business Checking
  • Best for saving on business tools: Novo Business Checking
  • Best for gig workers and freelancers: Found Banking
  • Best for international transfers: Mercury Banking
  • Best for no foreign transaction fees: Lili Basic Business Checking

That's a little information about "free online business checking accounts". Hopefully, this information is useful for you, especially those who want to open a business checking account.


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