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What can you imagine with this increasingly sophisticated technology? With the increasing sophistication of technology, of course, anyone related to technology must always continue to adapt. Similarly, the business world, especially online business, requires anyone who is related to it to apply the technology. Even to increase sales in the business world, advertising is not enough, other media need to be supported by technology, and websites are one of them. For those of you who are confused about building a website, there are now the best website builders for small business. Very interesting isn't it?


So far, maybe you have been helped by social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but it turns out that besides social media, there is one more tool that should not be forgotten, namely websites. And interestingly now, building a website is easier when compared to before.

What is a Website Builder?

Before we talk about how to build a website builder and which website builder you should choose, it's important to know what a website builder is before you build your small business website.

"Website Builder is an application or platform that allows one to create and manage a website without needing to have any technical knowledge of programming or web design."

This platform is especially useful for those who want to create a website for business or personal purposes, but don't have enough technical skills to do it themselves or don't want to incur the expense of hiring a professional web designer or developer.

By using a Website Builder, one can choose from a variety of templates and features that have been provided to create an attractive and functional website.

For some, website builders remain an effective and efficient solution for creating quality websites without having to have in-depth technical knowledge.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Website Builders?

One important thing that must be understood in doing business is how existing technology can increase sales of products. Of course, website builders can be one of the important tools for marketing products and services online.

There are several benefits to using a website builder for small business, including:

1. Helps Improve Online Presence

Website builders are tools that can help small business owners have a website easily. Website builders will help to expand your online reach and increase your presence in the digital world.

Of course, with a website builder, you can share information related to your products, services, or publications independently and make it accessible to online users.

2. Increase Credibility

A well-designed website can give a professional impression and increase the trust of visitors. By using ready-made templates from website builders, you can create attractive website designs as well as look exclusive.

Having an attractive website design can help you to improve the reputation of your brand or business.

3. As a Market Expansion Strategy

As one of the digital platforms that is being developed massively, the website is now an effective marketing tool. With the ease of having a website, you can promote your products or services with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Marketing strategies using website platforms can work effectively and measurably. You can determine the appropriate audience criteria and strategies to achieve the targeted goals.

4. Help Facilitate Customer Interaction

In addition to providing design features, website builders are tools that also provide a wide selection of features that you can use as needed. Users can add a variety of interactive features to get visitors to connect with the business.

Easiest Website Builder For Small Business

1. Wix

Wix is a popular web builder service that you can consider. Wix offers hundreds of website templates as well as a variety of easy-to-use features.

With Wix, you layout your website, add elements like images and videos and choose theme colors that match your site's branding.

Wix provides over 500 design templates with its platform's drag-and-drop interface. However, you need to be careful when choosing a Wix template because once your website is online, you can't change the template.

Although you can make minor design adjustments to the template you choose, you'll still have to start from scratch if you want to completely redesign your website.

In terms of SEO, Wix already has built-in SEO tools to optimize websites for search engines.

2. Weebly

Weebly is the best web builder platform that has been trusted by over 40 million users. Like other page builders, Weebly provides a variety of templates and page elements that can be arranged by drag and drop.

Weebly offers a great user experience, 67 modern and minimalist themes, and also a super convenient mobile app. With Weebly, you'll get the opportunity to transfer your website to other platforms and optimize SEO.

This means Weebly can be used to build online store websites, blogs, and even landing pages.

The only downside of Weebly is that its features and functionality are quite limited and there can be slowdowns from time to time.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace offers a variety of modern and quality templates to create a professional website. Squarespace's unique feature, Fluid Engine, allows users to easily resize and position content blocks more flexibly.

This powerful web builder also provides a variety of online store management tools. You can use the built-in shopping cart, stock management, and shipping and tax calculators that make it easy to build an online store.

The platform also provides tools to schedule meetings, create memberships, and sell learning materials through your website.

4. Shopify

Shopify is one of the best online store builders out there. The platform's drag-and-drop editor is easy to use.

Users can customize their store using ready-made templates or install Gempages to further customize the design. Shopify also has an app store that offers many additional features and integrations to add more functionality to your online store.

Shopify's free plan only offers 11 online store templates, and the paid plans can be quite expensive. However, Shopify offers a 3-day free trial. They also provide 24/7 customer support and external consultants to provide advanced assistance.

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers ready-made themes that you can choose from to build your website. GoDaddy's basic features are easy to use, and it's enough to build a simple site.

GoDaddy can be a good choice for novice users and users who don't want to bother with the sheer number of features and options.

The GoDaddy builder is also available for free. However, you'll need to use its web hosting service or upgrade to a premium plan to get a custom domain. Otherwise, your free domain will include a GoDaddy subdomain, such as

That's a bit of information about the "best website builder for small business". Hopefully, the information is useful and a reference for you.


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