Getting A Small Business Loan

Talking about various things related to business is always interesting, no matter what conditions, doing business is always interesting. For those of you who like challenges, doing business is the right choice to answer these challenges. Starting and building a business is easy, but the challenge is how to grow the business to be big and survive. Sometimes this is where the obstacle is, capital needs become indispensable, and for that 'getting a small business loan' is one solution that can be done.

With the development of the times, making many changes, in the past doing business was avoided, because of various fears. But a new paradigm has changed everything. Even today many young people want to start a business, even if it's just a small business.


Although some say that doing business does not require capital, in fact even though it is small, capital is still needed, and capital in business is a must.

Small Business Loan Banks

Business and capital, are two different but very related things. To be able to start and build a business requires capital, not only capital expertise and strong determination, but capital needed, for example, money as a start to start a business, for example, to buy raw materials or others.

Some say it is not easy to be able to get capital, even if it is from one's brothers. This is because they also need the money for their lives.

There are benefits to getting a business capital loan, including:

  1. Assist business owners in obtaining funds to develop or expand the business. Without additional capital, the business can just run stagnantly.
  2. Can help business owners to improve business competitiveness. This is done by creating new products or services or improving old products.
  3. Can help business owners in overcoming financial problems that often occur in business, such as debt or loss.
  4. Assist business owners in obtaining greater profits because they can use borrowed funds as an investment in business.
  5. Assist business owners in obtaining human resources and equipment needed to develop the business.
  6. Can increase the credibility of business owners in the eyes of potential creditors and investors because they can show that they can obtain and manage funds well.

Are you curious to know which banks can provide loans for the best small businesses? There are several categories based on information from as of January 1, 2024, including:

  • Best for multiple types of loans: Biz2Credit
  • Best for same-day funding: OnDeck
  • Best for no prepayment fees: Funding Circle
  • Best for microloans: Kiva

Small Business Loan Guidelines

If getting a loan from the closest person is difficult to do, it seems that small business loan banks can be a little solution. 

How can you get a loan for additional capital for your small business?

1. You must determine the required business capital needs.

At this early stage, you should begin to determine the business capital needs you need. And the important thing is that the loan you apply for can still be covered by the results of your business.

Plan well all the needs and business development plans, by planning good finances, then you can avoid the risk of late payments, let alone the risk of default.

2. Choose the type of loan that suits your needs

Currently, there are many types of loans that you can get easily, ranging from personal loans, and loans with collateral, to credit cards for small businesses.

Determining the type of loan needed is the right step to start using the loan for proper business and financial operations.

3. Look for information about the lender in detail.

Don't know, then don't love, of course, this also applies when looking for funding for business venture capital. You have to find complete information, from lenders about the loan product.

Don't forget, to choose a financial institution that is legal and has experience in dealing with good customers.

4. Prepare the required documents.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you must prepare documents to submit documents, such as business licenses, business owner identities, and others.

Prepare complete documents, with complete documentation will speed up the loan application approval process.

5. Apply for a loan well.

Often, because we can get a loan above the need, we ask for more, even though this is very dangerous because if you apply for a loan outside of business decisions, it is feared that it will be difficult to pay it off.

Small Business Loan Bank Of America

There are very many banks that can be a reference to get a small business loan, as mentioned above, but Bank of America can be an option.

Why is Bank of America the choice?

Based on information from written by Nelson Oyuga, Bank of America is the best bank with competitive interest rates. In addition, this bank has a variety of affordable loans that you can use to cover emergency expenses, buy equipment, expand your business, and more.

The advantages of getting a small business loan from Bank of America include:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Variety of loan products
  • Available nationwide

While the disadvantages of getting a small business loan from Bank of America, among others:

  • Strict eligibility requirements
  • Slow approval and funding processes
  • Poor customer ratings and reviews

What about customer satisfaction/customers who get loans from Bank of America?

Bank of America is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited and has an A+ grade. However, customer reviews on the platform show dissatisfaction. With an overall rating of 1.06 out of 5 on the BBB website, the bank has a reputation for poor customer service. Many users say that customer support is often unreachable and banks take too long to resolve customer issues.

In the J.D. Power ranking, Bank of America comes first in merchant service customer satisfaction. This shows that many borrowers are satisfied with bank loan products.

That's a little information about "getting a small business loan". Hopefully, the information is useful and a reference for you, in getting capital to develop your small business.


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