Does Debt Consolidation Work

In today's increasingly complex era of globalization, financial challenges are often a major concern for individuals, companies, or anyone who wants to escape debt bondage. One of the problems that can arise is the debt burden that overshadows financial stability. To overcome this complicated situation, a strategy emerged that can provide an effective solution, namely debt consolidation. The question now is does debt consolidation work?


Debt consolidation is the process of combining all debts owned into a single loan that is more affordable. The goal is to ease the burden of payments and provide better financial leeway.

How Does A Debt Consolidation Loan Work

What is debt consolidation? Based on the Investopedia page, debt consolidation is the process of combining all debts owned into one single loan that is more structured and affordable.

In this context, debt consolidation aims to reduce the burden of payments and provide better financial leeway to individuals, companies, or other entities that have debt.

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With debt consolidation, all scattered debts, such as personal loans, credit cards, business loans, or other loans, are combined into one new loan.

These loans usually have lower interest rates, longer terms, and more affordable monthly payments compared to paying each debt separately.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

This is just an example, as follows: when having several credit card balances and small loans with different interest rates and monthly payments, such as:

  • Credit card A: USD3,500, 24.90% APR (Annual percentage rate)
  • Credit card B: USD2,500, 18.90% APR (Annual percentage rate)
  • Credit card C: USD1,500, 12.00% APR (Annual percentage rate)

Instead of paying these balances one at a time, one can combine all three balances with one loan that requires one payment instead of three.

For example, if you combine this balance into a $7,500 loan with an APR of 7.00% and pay off the loan in four years, the interest payment would be $1,120.80. By comparison, if you make a 4% monthly minimum payment for each card, it takes more than $5,440 in interest payments and 12 years to pay off the debt.

This loan is then used to pay off all existing debts so that only one single debt remains that must be paid regularly according to the agreed agreement.

However, it is important to remember that this method is not a magic solution to eliminate debt instantly. Debt consolidation is simply a tool that can help individuals or entities manage their debts more efficiently and gain financial leeway in the long run.

The success of this method depends on wise financial planning, discipline in payments, and a commitment to changing bad spending habits.

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