How To Deal With Debt Collectors

For those of you who have debt arrears, debt collectors become a very scary figure. Some people even panicked and were anxious to face him head-on. The question is "How To Deal With Debt Collectors?".

To many, the word "debt collector" may seem creepy and have other diverse connotations. The job of a debt collector is only to collect debtors who have been in arrears for too long.

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The cause of many unwanted events experienced by debtors with debt collectors is a misunderstanding between the two parties and improper methods of solving problems. If both parties are equally cooperative, then it is certain that there are no incidents of debt collection involving verbal or physical violence. Because of course, this is very detrimental to many parties and can disrupt harmony in social life in society.

How To Deal With Debt Collectors When You Can't Pay

The debt collector is a third party appointed by a Financial Institution or creditor to collect delinquent debtors with certain criteria. Not all types of debt will be collected by debt collectors, but usually, the type of debt collected is debt that has been too long from maturity and not paid by the debtor. Every financial institution has different rules regarding when debt collection is managed by debt collectors.

Here's how to deal with debt collectors, as follows:

1. Do not avoid or run away when visited by debt collectors

The way to deal with debt collectors is not to avoid their arrival. Don't run away to avoid that responsibility.

Debt collectors only perform their duty to collect debtors' debts. For that, accept their arrival in a good way. That way, unwanted things won't happen.

2. Check the identity and duty letter of the debt collector

The next step is to ask or check the identity of the debt collector, starting from identity cards, and letters of assignment, to official debt collector certifications. This aims to avoid illegal debt collectors.

A legal debt collector must have an official letter of duty from the relevant financial institution.

If the debt collector does not bring any files, it is certainly illegal and you can just ignore it.

3. Describe your current financial condition

Be honest, calm, and polite about your current financial condition. The debt collector will later provide solutions regarding this, such as payment pauses and others.

We recommend that you be cooperative following the previously agreed terms.

4. Pay arrears

Pay arrears by previously agreed procedures. However, if you can't afford it, it's best to follow directions and finish it well without violence.

5. Follow the debt collector's directions

The next way to deal with debt collectors is to follow their directions. Debt collectors will later provide solutions or relief from your problems. Instead, follow these directions and talk about them well.

6. Make a report if you get intimidated or threatened

If you do not reach an agreement and you get intimidation or threats from debt collectors, report it to law enforcement immediately.

Those were six ways to deal with debt collectors that you can do. However, don't forget that debt is your obligation that must be paid off immediately. Hopefully this information about "How To Deal With Debt Collectors?" is useful for you.


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