Greenpath Debt Solutions Reviews

Debt is something that almost everyone must have done, either because they have no money at all or go into debt because of lifestyle. It can be said that debt is the opposite of an asset, where the more debt it will indicate the smaller the level of a person's wealth. Debt is not something bad. Debt is of two types: productive debt and consumptive debt. However, if you want to pay off or settle the debt and need counseling assistance, it seems that "Greenpath Debt Solutions Reviews" can be the right information.


Admittedly, credit counseling, in particular, is widely misunderstood because of misinformation. Especially misleading is the false idea that, unlike other debt relief solutions such as consumer proposals, credit counseling has no damaging effect on one's credit.

Greenpath Financial Reviews

Based on information from, GreenPath Financial has been helping people manage debt, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and credit challenges for more than 60 years.

The body is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating with the organization. And Greenpath is the best organization overall because of its long history across the country.

GreenPath offers standard counseling services including credit and student loan counseling, debt management, and bankruptcy support. The organization also assists clients with foreclosure prevention and support, home buyer assistance, reverse mortgage counseling, and resources for tenants.

GreenPath also provides its customers with free educational resources and tools, including articles, online classes, webinars, calculators, worksheets, and guides. Those seeking more personalized support can visit one of the agency's 60 branch offices in more than 20 states to speak directly to an advisor.

Debt management

GreenPath does not charge for credit counseling sessions. There is a one-time setup fee of between $0 and $50 plus a monthly fee of between $0 and $75 for debt counseling by state and how much debt to pay.

Housing Services

GreenPath does not charge for mortgage delinquency or rental counseling. There is a $199 fee for reverse mortgage counseling and a $150 fee for pre-purchase counseling.

Student Loan Counseling

GreenPath charges $50 for student loan counseling sessions. For enhanced services, which include working with a client student loan service provider until a final resolution is reached, there is a $200 fee.

Insolvency Services

GreenPath charges up to $35 for bankruptcy services depending on the client's financial situation and method of service.

Hopefully, this information about "Greenpath Debt Solutions Reviews" will be useful.


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