Paying Off Debt Fast

When the economy is sluggish, we are required to be smarter in managing finances. To reduce monthly expenses so as not to swell and burden financial conditions. Especially if we are in debt plus there are still many expenses that must be met, we certainly have to rack our brains immediately to get out of the problem. There is a way to make paying off debt fast.


Paying off debt certainly not only drains the contents of your wallet but also drains energy and emotions. Not infrequently this becomes a burden on the mind every day.

How To Pay Off Debt Fast On A Low Income

What does it look like? Check out some ways to pay off the debt that you can try to apply, among others.

1. Rearrange Expenditure Items

In managing finances, of course, expenditure items are needed. This means that you need to set a budget for an expense. Create which categories of expenses for debts, needs, wants, and other expenditure items are desired.

However, when you are in debt, of course, you need to rearrange the expenditure items. You can't use existing expenditure items for conditions like this. You have to prioritize debt and needs first. So, it is highly recommended that you evaluate the expenditure item and re-adjust it to your condition.

Believe me, changing the spending budget scheme can help you get out of complicated debt problems faster. For example, if you have been spending about 50%-70% of your income on consumption purposes and the rest has only been used to pay off debts. So, it's a good idea, to add a higher proportion of debt repayment.

2. Reduce Expenses

This method is related to the previous point, reducing expenses is one way to help reorganize expenditure items. The trick is to make savings while reducing daily consumption.

Examples of savings can be made, such as changing residences if the cost of renting a residence is quite expensive. In addition, you can use public transportation or bicycles to go to work, cook and bring your lunch, or unsubscribe, such as Spotify, Netflix, and so on.

3. Doing a Yard Sale

Did you know, all the 'extra' waste in or around the house is money that is waiting to be disbursed? How could it be possible?

That is, to get additional money, we can unpack or sort out the clothes in the closet, household appliances, toys, and furniture and do a yard sale. Of course, the proceeds from the sale can be used to repay the accumulated debts.

4. Recapitulate Debt

The solution to being in debt on this one is to realize and know what debts you have. The trick is to record and make a recapitulation of all debts owned.

This recording includes the remaining debt each month, the interest rate charged, the term or tenor of the debt, and the priority of the debt that must be paid. By recording all the information about your debts, you can easily find out which ones to pay first. In addition, it becomes clear how much you owe left.

5. Pay off Debts with Large Interest Rates First

Almost all institutions borrowing funds provide interest rates charged to borrowers. Each institution has different terms of interest. Some are big and some are small. Regardless of the percentage of interest given, of course, this will affect your finances.

This method of paying off debt can be used if you have several debts with varying interest rates. It's a good idea for you to pay off debts with large interest rates first. Because this will ease the burden of your debt in the future.

6. Don't Go into Debt to Pay Off Debts

Indeed, a quick way to pay off debts is to apply for a loan again. That way, the large funds received can be used to pay off debts by the closest deadline.

However, that is not a solution. Instead of reducing the amount of debt, you are increasing the debt. If this is passed on, you will not be able to escape the debt.

7. Use Savings

How pay off this debt may be difficult to do. Because, you have saved long enough for something you want, but you can't use it because you have to pay off debts.

However, if your savings are enough to pay off debts, it's a good idea to use them first. That way, your debts can be repaid quickly and you are no longer in debt. After that, then you can start saving again for your wishes. Indeed, you have to be patient and willing if you want all your debts to be paid off quickly.

8. Saving Change

Try looking for an unused can that can be used to store change from your change. One way to pay off accumulated debt is not to underestimate the habit of collecting nickels.

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The method is easy, you only need to collect all the nickels in the used cans. If it has been collected, you can use it to pay debts.

9. Looking for Additional Income

If the monthly salary of your main job is insufficient to simply pay off debt, this is a good time to find additional income. You know, you can sell skills to earn extra money.

For example, being a music tutor. In addition to selling this kind of service, you can also do some simple businesses that do not require large capital.

10. Disbursing Additional Funds from Assets Owned

There is nothing wrong with paying attention to unused items or treasures at home. Knowing, selling, or renting these items can be the best alternative to get money to repay debts.

For example, used electronics that are no longer used, renting out unused rooms, or empty rooms in the house.

That's a variety of ways to be able to "pay off debt fast". Hopefully, these few ways are useful for those of you who currently want to pay off your debts immediately.


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