National Debt Relief Program

The pandemic that occurred due to the coronavirus or Covid-19 continues to loom over the lives of the people of the United States and even the world until this moment. The emergence of new variants, which has resulted in another wave of cases, makes the Government have to be ready and swift to pull the lever with the policy of restricting community activities. As a result, inevitably economic activity has declined again amid rising prices of various commodities in the world. Realizing this, the Government swiftly took steps to restore the economy. Efforts made one of which is the existence of the "National Debt Relief Program".

National Debt Relief Program

The National Economic Recovery Program is carried out with various strategies. This program is deliberately designed by the Government, one of which is to provide convenience for the poor and vulnerable in the economy.

What Is National Debt Relief

What does the Government's debt relief program mean?"

Debt relief is a reduction in the payment of debt repayment by the Debt Insurer by being given a reduction in principal, interest, fines, and other costs or costs.

The reduction in the amount of debt paid is carried out by reducing the payment of debt repayment by the debtor in the form of a reduction in the principal of the debt and the write-off of interest, fines, and other costs or costs.

This program is an effort by the government to help and provide a breath of fresh air for debtors who are experiencing problems in paying their debts due to Covid-19. It is hoped that with this program, debtors who have difficulty can settle their debt obligations to the state. On the other hand, this program is one of the Government's contributions in supporting efforts to recover the national economy, easing the burden on small debtors affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as accelerating the settlement of State Receivables to government agencies.

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