Borobudur Night Carnival 2023 is again held to revive the Borobudur Temple area in Magelang Regency, Central Java.

Borobudur Night Carnival 2023

From, "Borobudur Night Carnival 2023 activities are divided into two, namely the relay which will take place on Saturday (2/9/2023) at 19.30 WIB, and the bazaar for micro, small, and medium enterprises which will be held from Friday (1/9/2023) to Sunday (3/9/2023)."

There Are Cultural Relays and Bazaars of 40 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Taking information from Antara, "The bazaar activity was also enlivened by 40 micro, small, and medium enterprises of handicrafts and culinary". At the peak of the event, a cultural carnival will be held which will be attended by 20 villages in Borobudur District as well as 10 agencies and communities.

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"Borobudur Night Carnival is an annual activity with the hope of becoming an event that is awaited by many people. Hopefully, in the future it will become a national-scale event," said Borobudur Sub-District, Subiyanto.

He added, there will be around 1,400 artists at the Borobudur Night Carnival activity who all come from Borobudur and agencies, including the Magelang Regency level makeup community who will also enliven it.

Bringing to life accommodation around Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Night Carnival 2023 activities are expected to help liven up accommodation around Borobudur Temple so that many tourists will stay overnight and enjoy other attractions around Borobudur.

He said, there are several activities in Borobudur, including annual attractions such as the Borobudur Marathon and Borobudur Night Carnival, then monthly activities in Wanurejo called Jantra Budaya, as well as weekly Borobudur Car Free Night activities.

"With several activities, it is the answer to the question when people stay in Borobudur want to see where to go," he said.

This year, tourists who want to visit the Borobudur Night Carnival can choose paid tickets if they want to watch from the VIP stage, which is IDR 100,000. The price includes souvenirs from the committee.

For tourists who want to witness the cultural relay, the gathering point starts from Kujon Square, then the relay starts 100 meters before the VIP stage in front of Borobudur District, then goes to the Polpar Post T-junction, and finishes at Borobudur Terminal.