Do you want to enjoy a different atmosphere from the rest when you go to Indonesia? Baturraden Botanical Garden in Banyumas, Central Java can be a family tourist spot in Banyumas Regency, Central Java.  

In this Baturraden Botanical Garden, visitors can recognize various types of ornamental plants and stay in the accommodation that has been provided, including camping areas and homestays.

Clean and shady Baturraden Botanical Garden area
Clean and shady Baturraden Botanical Garden area (Photo: Google Maps/Avuk Jimmy)

According to Topan Pramukti, Public Relations Coordinator of the Regional Public Service Agency of the Baturraden Lokawisata Technical Implementation Unit, (Antara, Monday, 18/9/2023), "We collect around 700 types of plants".

Nepenthes adrianii Being endemic to Mount Slamet

Various plants that visitors can enjoy, such as orchids, endemic ornamental plants of Banyumas, and perennials. Among these are pitcher (Nepenthes adrianii) which is endemic to Mount Slamet and pule tree (Alstonia scholaris L.).

See different types of plants including nurseries
See different types of plants including nurseries (Photo: Google Maps/Toomtam Bane)

Visitors can also visit four greenhouses that are places for orchids, cacti, bonsai, and bromelia.

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Around the plant or greenhouse, there is a QR code on the information board to find out more about the existing plants. Visitors know not only the origin of the plant but also its character and function.

Satisfied with exploring the Baturraden Botanical Garden, tourists can spend the night in two camping areas or four homestays with a total capacity of 40 people.

For information, the Baturraden Botanical Garden was inaugurated in December 2022 and became part of the Baturraden Tourist Workshop which at that time was managed by the Baturraden Lokawisata UPT, Banyumas Regency Sports, Culture and Tourism Youth Office.

(Photo: MI/Adam Dwi)

After being managed by BLUD UPT Lokawisata Baturraden, this tourist spot that occupies an area of two hectares has become a separate tourist spot from Lokawisata Baturraden.

Quoted from the Central Java Tribun, Baturraden Botanical Garden is open every day from 08.00 to 22.00 WIB. The entrance ticket price starts from IDR 15,000 on weekdays and starts from 20,000 on weekends.