Did you enjoy visiting Yogyakarta? Moreover, the hobby of traveling by train? This time you should be happy, because the Yogyakarta Tugu Station Underpass which has existed since 1959 is now open again.

Yogyakarta Tugu Station Underpass which Existed Since 1959 is Now Open Again
Yogyakarta Tugu Station (Photo: heritage.kai.id)

The underpass at Yogyakarta Tugu Station will open again on July 31, 2023. The purpose of opening the underpass was to break down the density of train passengers, as well as for their safety.

Yogyakarta Tugu Station Underpass Has Been Renovated and There Are Escalators

The underpass has a length of about 65.8 meters and connects platforms separated by railway tracks.

At first, the underground tunnel of Yogyakarta Station used manual stairs with walls covered with white ceramic nuances.

Yogyakarta Tugu Station Underpass Has Been Renovated and There Are Escalators
(Photo: terasmalioboronews.com)

This time, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) renovated it and added escalators to make it easier for visitors.

"As is known, Yogyakarta Station is indeed special because here it serves various kinds of passengers," said KAI President Director Didiek Hartantyo in a written statement.

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He continued, passengers at Tugu Station include long-distance trains with around 6,000 passengers, KRL with around 5,000, Airport trains with around 3,000, and Prameks with around 3,000 passengers.  

Yogyakarta Station itself serves 60 long-distance train trips, 42 airport train trips, 24 commuter line trips, and 8 Prameks commuter line trips.

The Density of Tugu Station Yogyakarta

With the density condition of Yogyakarta Station, this underpass can also help to decipher the density of passengers.

According to Didiek, Yogyakarta is indeed extraordinary, its tourism activities are very prominent and are a symbol of a city of culture and education. This makes the train always grow in Daop 6 Yogyakarta.

The Density of Tugu Station Yogyakarta
(Photo: Maria Wulan/Tugu Jogja)

PT Kereta Api Indonesia has also beautified the interior of the underpass with lighting, aesthetic ornaments, air conditioning, and clear information boards so that customers can easily access it. There is also a railway history installation in Yogyakarta.  

Didiek continued that without an underpass, passengers will pass through train lines that contain risks. This reactivation is an effort towards the development of a better Yogyakarta Station.