Something is interesting this time, namely the implementation of the Sea Procession at the Golo Koe Festival at the Labuan Bajo Waterfront.

Sea Procession at Golo Koe Festival at Waterfront Labuan Bajo
(Photo: Taris)

Taking information conveyed by, the sea procession was carried out on Tuesday (14/8/2023), starting from the Blue Pier of Kampung Ujung and ending at the Labuan Bajo Waterfront Port.

Sea Procession of Our Lady of Assumpta Nusantara

From the Blue Pier, the Statue of Our Lady of Asumpta is paraded by a tour boat to Waterfront City.

This sea procession lasts about 45 minutes. Arriving at the Waterfront, the Statue of Our Lady of Asumpta was welcomed by thousands of devotees and tourists who were waiting. As soon as the statue of Our Lady Asumpta arrived, everyone immediately captured the moment.

Not only local Indonesian tourists, but foreign tourists (foreign tourists) also witnessed the moment of the sea process.

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Director of Puspas of Ruteng Diocese, Father Martin Chen said, one of the things displayed in the Golo Koe Festival is the sea procession of Our Lady Assumpta Nusantara. The Sea Procession depicts the unity between faith and the richness of a living culture.

The most powerful message of the procession was about togetherness, and unity, how to live as a nation in diversity, but with tolerance and fraternity.

"Just like a mother, this (Maria) is a suitable figure to express her children who are different with their respective characters, but all loved. We try to make this procession take place very integrally following the events of Jesus' life," explained Father Marten, Monday (14/8/2023).

He explained, the sea procession route will start from the Labuan Bajo Stelamaris Church to the Blue Pier, then paraded by boat to the Labuan Bajo Waterfront Marina port.

"At the Waterfront Port, there will be a reception ceremony before the statue of Our Lady will be paraded again to the Regent Office by land and end at Golo Koe," he added.