Nurses always seem to work in hospitals, clinics, or other health facilities. But apparently, a nurse can travel anywhere while still working and providing nursing care. And the profession is commonly referred to as Traveling Nurse. The question is what are the pros and cons of Travel Nursing?

Have you heard? This traveling nurse is when nurses are hired to accompany patients for treatment abroad for a limited period. It could also be by an institution that comes to an area that is being hit by an outbreak or disaster.

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They are an important part because they will fill vacant posts or help fill the needs and demands of nurses. In times of large-scale disasters, it will be difficult for hospitals to find nurses who are registered and have work permits. When the COVID-19 pandemic occurred a few years ago, it also made health sector policymakers aware that quantity would greatly affect alertness and rapid response.

The profession that is classified as freelance has been quite widely occupied in the United States. They can have an institution, a location to work, and when to start working. In general, they are more free and flexible in determining where to work

Pros and Cons of Being A Travel Nurse

Speaking of traveling nurses, there are several pros and cons for those of you who want to become a traveling nurse.

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Quoting Jennifer Schlette MSN, RN published in, there are 13 disadvantages of being a travel nurse, including:

  1. You will always find yourself in an unfamiliar environment.
  2. You will always be the new guy.
  3. Varying pay rates.
  4. What do you do when your contract has ended?
  5. Not the best work assignments.
  6. License issues.
  7. Floating.
  8. Your contract can be canceled.
  9. You may not have your dream schedule.
  10. You may become homesick.
  11. Where are you going to live?
  12. Your taxes could be a nightmare.
  13. You may not have paid time off.

In addition to the disadvantages of being a travel nurse, it turns out that there are advantages of being a travel nurse, including:

  1. Great pay.
  2. You will have a tax-free living stipend.
  3. You get the chance to travel.
  4. You will make new friends.
  5. You can avoid all the politics at work.
  6. You will gain experience.
  7. Flexibility.
  8. You can try before you dive all in.
  9. Travel nursing can be a networking event.
  10. You can choose your adventure.
  11. You will learn life skills.
  12. Job security.
  13. Reimbursement.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is interesting to be a traveling nurse. There are advantages to being a traveling nurse, especially if are you a traveling lover. They can enjoy new experiences in a new city or country, and enjoy every challenge. But, it takes the ability to adapt quickly as well as the willingness to learn new things.

In addition, traveling nurses must have continuous support from close family and friends because they will always be on the go. However, there is another reward, namely relationships increase and experience will increase. That's a little information about "Pros and Cons of Travel Nursing". Hope it is useful.