How are you traveling lovers, everyone? There is the latest information about train facilities, especially for those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Malang, East Java. Reportedly, the Multi-Trip Card will soon be implemented by Indonesian Railways at Malang City Station.

Later, the Multi-Trip Card can be used as a means of payment for local trains in the KAI Daop 8 Surabaya area.

Multi-Trip Card (Photo: ARTHA ULY)

Taking information from, "We hope that the use of the Multi-Trip Card will make passengers more efficient, especially Malang City is also a city of education. Of course, this is our target so that train users are more comfortable riding commuters," explained VP Corporate Secretary of KAI Commuter, Anne Purba when met at Malang City Station, Thursday (24/8/2023).

Multi Trip Card Will Be Applied to Dhoho Penataran Train

The plan and the application of this card ticket will be carried out on local trains, namely the Dhoho Penataran Train (KA). According to him, this train will be adapted like a commuter train.

"Now it's still using the economy train. Some seats have not been adapted to commuter trains. We will adjust this, then the implementation of e-ticketing, "said Anne.

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KAI Commuter Indonesia has also made a special design for a special Multi-Trip Card in East Java. The use of this card can be used for Trans Jatim Buses and later also local East Java trains.

This card is planned to be purchased at Trans Jatim Bus stops or stations in the KAI Daop 8 Surabaya area. The price of each Multi-Trip Card is around IDR 40,000 and includes a balance of IDR 10,000. Later the card can be topped up at stops or stations through the application.

"We will continue to strive until later all local trains can also use this e-ticketing. This card is like an e-money bank and can be used for commuter areas, in Jogja-Solo, Jakarta, and East Java. At the East Java station, it has not used a card, but this is still a process. We are still reviewing it," explained Anne.

In addition to the Multi-Trip Card, it is also planned to increase the capacity of local train transportation in the KAI Daop 8 Surabaya area. Because the increase in the number of train trips may be carried out. It is also coordinating with PJKA (Railway Bureau Company) to implement this.