The latest news for those of you who want to climb to Mount Andong, Magelang, Central Java, is "The fire on Mount Andong has been extinguished, but the hiking trail is temporarily still closed".

The sighting of the burning Mount Andong area, captured from Kleteran, Grabag, Magelang, Thursday (Photo: Tribun Jogja/ Iwan Al Khasni)

Based on information taken from, "Mount Andong hiking trails are temporarily closed from Friday (11/8/2023) to Sunday (13/8/2012)."

Climbing to Mount Andong Only Opened After Safe Conditions

This closure is carried out according to the direction of Perum Perhutani through an official letter published on Friday (11/8/2023).

"Temporarily closed for two days. Sunday (13/8/2023) afternoon may be open," said Mount Andong basecamp officer named Taufik when confirmed, Friday (11/8/2023).

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The closure of this hiking trail was carried out due to the impact of forest fires that occurred on the slopes of Mount Andong on Thursday (10/8/2023). Through the official letter, Perhutani directed to monitor the condition of Mount Andong from the possibility of fire.

The opening of the Mount Andong hiking trail will be carried out and the condition is safe again.

Andong Mountain burns

Taufik (Mount Andong basecamp officer) said that a puff of smoke was observed appearing on Mount Andong on Thursday (10/8/2023) at around 12.00 WIB. That afternoon, Taufik said, the situation was still not severe, so the hiking trail had not been closed to climbers.

Climbing to Mount Andong Only Opened After Safe Conditions
Mount Andong (Photo:

But closer to nightfall, the fire began to grow, so the hiking trail was temporarily closed until the fire was extinguished.

"The fire was extinguished around 9 p.m. Our basecamp managers waited until 11.00 WIB just got off the location. I'm afraid there will be another fire," he said.

The process of extinguishing fires on the hiking trail is done manually by dousing the fire using water.

Fortunately, the fire was quickly extinguished, there were no casualties, and the hiking trail that night was briefly reopened.