There is the latest news for those of you who like to travel by train, namely Gambir Station, Jakarta immediately apply face recognition boarding starting September 1, 2023, precisely on Friday at the South Gate of Gambir Station, Central Jakarta.


Taking information from, "The South Gate of Gambir Station specifically serves Boarding Face Recognition. Manual boarding services will later be served at the North Gate of Gambir Station," said Daily Executive Manager of Public Relations of KAI Daop 1 Jakarta Feni Novida Saragih.

Face Recognition Boarding Service is a Facility Equipped with Cameras

For information, the Face Recognition Boarding service is a facility equipped with cameras. This facility serves to identify and validate a person's identity through facial scanning.

This identified facial data has been integrated with prospective passengers' ticket data in the KAI boarding system. "This service will later be found in the ticket check area," said Feni.

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The boarding process by scanning this face, he continued, is considered more practical because prospective passengers do not need to show identity cards and physical proof of tickets.

It is hoped that this facility will be able to make it easier for prospective travelers to travel.

"The boarding process will be faster, more practical, and does not require manual verification. This will make customers more comfortable in enjoying the travel process using KAI," explained Feni.

This Face Recognition Boarding service can be accessed through the Access by KAI application and at the station. For information, Access by KAI is an update of the KAI Access application.

How to access Face Recognition Boarding via Access by KAI

  1. Travelers who will use the Face Recognition Boarding service can register on the Access by KAI application.
  2. Select "account" then click "Face Recognition Registration.
  3. After that, follow the steps according to the instructions provided.

How to access Face Recognition Boarding at Gambir Station

At Gambir Station, the registration process for the Face Recognition Boarding service can be done at the Check-in Counter (CIC) machine or through a special service officer at the South Gate.

Here's the guide:

  1. Paste the electronic ID card (e-KTP) to the available reader device.
  2. Pass your right or left index finger to the scanner.
  3. For travelers who cannot register because they do not have an e-KTP (such as children or damaged e-KTP), the registration process can be assisted by officers at the location.
  4. After registering, there is no need to print your boarding pass. Travelers can go directly to Face Recognition Boarding.
  5. Point your face at the scanner. If the ticket data, identity, and other requirements are correct, the door will automatically open.
  6. The registration process is only done once and is valid for the next departure.

The stations that have served Face Recognition Boarding are Bandung Station, Yogyakarta Station, Surabaya Gubeng Station, Malang Station, and Solo Balapan Station.