Are you a seasoned traveler with a background in travel sales and booking, and do you want to start a business from home? Relax, you can try to become a Disney Travel Agent jobs from home.


It is understood that the travel industry is a strong economic sector, booking travel is an activity that is often carried out by many people individually. In managing a travel agency from home, you will find a series of challenges and things to face.

Therefore, before you start, make sure this business is the right activity for you to do.

Tips for Opening a Travel Agency Business from Home

Getting a business opportunity that suits your hobby is a pleasure and happiness in itself, as well as a travel agent business opportunity.

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There are several things to prepare when you open a travel agency (by taking information from Greg Guiteras), as follows:

1. Check local laws and regulations.

Before you start a travel agency from home, check all laws and regulations related to home business and travel bookings. Most likely, you will have to take care of legal paperwork to be able to start a home business and be recognized by the local government.

2. Develop a business plan.

Not only does it contain a detailed management plan, but the business plan will also help you to get funds from investors if you need additional capital to start a business.

3. Identify the target market.

Do some research online to determine and develop a plan to appeal specifically to the demographic categories that will be interested in your business services.  You should use the target consumers you have identified as a tool to figure out how to market your business.

  • Analyze demographic information in your area. Usually, the data can be found on the official office or website of the city or local government.
  • Look up travel statistics for your area of specialization and find out how many people in your area fit your business's target demographic.
  • Use the data to calculate the running of the business during the period and the amount of profit that can be obtained.

4. Anticipate initial needs.

Make a detailed list of the things you need (equipment, supplies, staff, etc.) to start a business.

  • This information must also be included in your business plan.
  • Since your business will be managed from home, most of the items needed may already be available (for example office supplies). However, you should separate your personal belongings from business equipment for tax reasons.
  • Keep invoices for the purchases of all items you'll use for your business so you can show them for tax deductions.

5. Calculate the projected flow of funds.

Think about all the financial obligations that must be met, such as insurance, business certification, and taxes. Then, also calculate the projected income based on the latest travel market data and the presence of local target demographics. Apart from being an important component in a business plan, this information will also help you in determining the viability of your travel agent.

6. Open two bank accounts.

One account will be used for business and functions to manage expenses and income. The other account serves to receive payments for your clients' bookings that will be allocated, specifically, to cover expenses related to travel management.

  • Choose a bank that has special offers for small businesses (such as interest or annual fee discounts).
  • To facilitate tracking and disbursement of funds (if needed), create both accounts at the same bank.
  • For tax and legal reasons, do not combine your business account with a personal account.

7. Choose a travel specialty.

Consider whether you'll open a general or specialized travel booking agency. You can run your business by directing clients to larger companies (and getting paid for it) or you can focus on booking and selling specialized travel packages.

Disney Travel Agent from Home

Are you a big fan of Disney? Or is it a Disney-related love? If you like it then choosing as a Disney Travel Agent is the right choice.

What Do Disney Travel Agents Do?

Disney Travel Agents are also known as Disney Trip Planners. Even if you are called a Disney Travel Agent (or Planner), you are not an employee of the Walt Disney Travel Company. In most cases, you are an independent contractor selling Disney Destinations under the umbrella of a travel agent or host agency.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Disney Travel Agent?

Being a Travel Agent specializing in Disney can be an exciting and rewarding career.

Many benefits can be obtained when you choose to become a Disney Travel Agent, including:

  • Work from home.
  • Set your opening hours.
  • Training opportunities (have access to The College of Disney Knowledge).
  • Can make money.
  • Have lots of friends and have fun.

It's very interesting, isn't it? Hope this information about "Disney Travel Agent jobs from home" is useful for you.