Finding and choosing a job that suits hobbies, talents, and education is certainly a gift that cannot be measured in words even with money. But this is what makes a person have high dedication because he does work with his passion. Traveling nurses one of them, working in the health sector, and being able to enjoy hobbies that can be done is an attractive choice.  The question is what are the best travel nursing companies to work for?

Of course, choosing and being able to get a company that can channel and even provide vacancies for the best traveling nurse is quite difficult, especially since the company can provide everything you want.


Many references can be a guideline for those of you who want to become traveling nurses. With this agency focused on matching registered nurses (RNs) with short-term job opportunities in a variety of specialties and healthcare settings across the United States and internationally, it will make you feel right to apply.

Best Travel Nursing Agencies To Work For

Those of you who want and are curious about traveling nurses are very suitable when you get this information. Several agencies can handle this traveling nurse based on notes from Cathy Cassata published on

For registered nurses (RNs) who want to explore the country while practicing their skills in a variety of healthcare facilities, travel nursing can be a great fit. Travel nursing typically includes short-term assignments that range from about eight to 36 weeks.

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Health practitioners receive assignments through institutions that place them based on their specialization. The pay of traveling nurses is often much higher than that of staff nurses and includes overtime bonuses for weekend work shifts, evenings, and holidays.

Adventure and higher pay are what attracted Nicole Watkins, RN, to go on a nursing trip. After working for four years at the Chicago-based hospital in the operating room, emergency room, and neonatal ICU, she began to feel fatigued from the intensity of COVID-19. As many nurses quit, her hospital eventually hired travel nurses to fill the shortage.

There are several best travel nurse agencies 2023 concerning, including:

  • Best Overall: Triage Staffing
  • Best for Nurse Pride: Axis Medical Staffing
  • Best Backstory: Advantis Medical
  • Best for Education: Travel Nurse Across America
  • Best Customer Service: AMN Healthcare
  • Best for Social Responsibility: Fusion Medical Staffing

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