Do you want to see the natural beauty in Indonesia? There is good news because two tours in East Java, Mount Ijen and Mount Sewu have been recognized by the world. So it's a shame if you miss this beautiful tour. Moreover, East Java Province is considered to have a lot of potential heritage and geological diversity (Geopark) of high value.

Two Geoparks in East Java have previously been recognized by the world or have UNESCO Global Geopark (UGGp) status.

UNESCO-Recognized Tourist Attractions

There are two Geoparks that have been recognized worldwide, namely:

First, Mount Ijen has the distinctive value of being the most acidic crater in the world and the beauty of its blue fire.

Two Tours in East Java, Mount Ijen and Mount Sewu Have Been Recognized by the World
Blue fire Mount Ijen (Photo: @amazingbanyuwangi)

The announcement of Mount Ijen tourism with UGGp status was delivered at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France on May 24, 2023.

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According to Mohamad Yasin, who is the Managing Chairman of Ijen Geopark, "The handover of the official certificate to Ijen Geopark as UGGp will only be held in Morocco next September. We hope that the Governor of East Java can receive the certificate directly.".

Second, the Mount Sewu Karst mountains in Pacitan Regency.

The Mount Sewu Karst mountains (Photo:

Gunung Sewu is a geological heritage in the form of tropical karst mountains that stretch across 3 provinces, namely Gunung Kidul (Special Region of Yogyakarta) and Wonogiri (Central Java).

In East Java, there are also geoparks with national geopark status, namely the Bojonegoro Geopark, and several aspiring statuses to be submitted at the national level, namely Bromo Tengger Semeru which includes Malang Regency, Pasuruan Regency, Probolinggo Regency, and Lumajang.

Then there is also Bumi Manusia Wajak (Wajakensis) in Tulungagung and Trenggalek, Karst in Malang Regency, Blitar Regency, Bawean Island, Gresik Regency, Magetan Regency Geopark, and Mount Kelud in Kediri Regency and Blitar Regency.

That's interesting information about geoparks in East Java. Hopefully, the information about "two tours in East Java, Mount Ijen and Mount Sewu has been recognized by the world" becomes a reference for those of you who want to come to enjoy the natural beauty in Indonesia.